Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The concrete and the clay

Good to get the comments on my last post so I'm enthused to write more.
Heard this song on the radio today and it reminded me of my attempt to dig the garden yesterday, the ground was like concrete.
Decided to go out on the bike instead, nothing too taxing - about an hour over fairly flat terrain. Its only my second time out so its a start. Don't know how Cliff can go all day on onem
Played 3 rounds of golf over the last 4 days, with another tomorrow, and not feeling too bad physically. Even came 3rd on Saturday.
Helen and I walked down to the local for a meal, and a couple of Banks,s Milds ( its pronounced Bonks's round herre).
Saw this little fellow on the way.
My latest scheme is organising a golf trip to Spain next spring, I promise you I will be using a buggy, not walking.
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Friday, 23 July 2010

That's life

It's over a week since I last blogged, so apologies to anyone who's still reading this. It is difficult to get a new angle each day now I'm home, as most days are the same for an old bloke with not much to do.
We did go up to Wirral last w/end and stopped with Reg (my father in law) and I'm delighted to say that he's looking really well, so well that he accompanied me to the local tip and bought me a  pint on the way back. I seem to be a  tip groupie at the moment, I've been to several dotted around the countryside, including Worcs, Warks, Berks, Wilts and now Merseyside. That would be a new spin on LEJOG, visiting the waste sites in each town that you go through - think I'll leave it for someone else.
I got my first round of golf on Wed, not having picked  a golf club up for three months, and finished leg weary and with sore feet. I'm going to have to start some exercise before I drop back into my previously non energetic lifestyle. 
Finally got my official photo and certificate for completing the walk so all I've got to do now is to add up all of the donations, currently standing at a total of over £2600 - truly amazing.
Also applied for an application form to apply for a job, more about that if any progress is made.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Just been for our regular Thursday evening curry with Jenny and Tony and we decided to stop at our local Wetherspoons. A chicken bhuna, spiced with some hot chiles but washed down with a couple of Titanic Ales (sorry but I've already got out of the habit of carrying a notebook to take details) was just what the doctor ordered.
Weatherwise it was pretty awful today, I had to use the intervals between showers to repair the conservatory gutter, and then I decided to do the ironing. Suddenly long distance walking is looking quite appealing.
Still, the Open golf is on TV so I've got to be happy.
A couple of pics that haven't been posted yet, Helen and Zack, me being greeted at the finish line by Sue from SOS
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Monday, 12 July 2010

Back to life, back to reality

We left Cornwall on Saturday (Katy and Aaron and Beth and Stu went on Friday) and took our time getting home. We stopped in Bodmin for coffee and Exeter for lunch so that we made Redditch around 5.00.
Our friends Liz and Adrian had stuck congratulations banners to the house for our arrival, what a great surprise.
Sunday was a chill out day, sitting in the garden with the newspapers and a little gardening before a long afternoon watching sport on TV.
I've checked on the justgiving websites today and I'm overwhelmed at the generosity of everyone. Seeing a donation from people I met in Fort William, which seems so long ago, was amazing.
Now I have to start collecting the pledges before I can finally pass on all of the donations. So I'd like to ask anyone who has got any collection sheets on the go to let me know and also to collect the pledges for me please.
Tomorrow I need to start replying to some of the many emails received and also get my CV into order to look for work.
Exeter cathedral and the handywork of Liz and Adrian
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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Everybodys gone surfin

Sorry people but I'm getting addicted to blogging, could be worse - the addiction could be walking.
I'm going to keep it up, at least until I have a chance to sort out how much money's been raised and been able to thank everyone properly.
Sun was shining today so it was off to Gwithian to catch some waves ( that's surfer talk - I'm a quick learner). Helen and Katy looked after Zack while Stu, Beth, Aaron and I went in the water. Two firsts for me - I've never worn a wet suit before and I've never been on a surf board. So glad that I've lost some weight on my way from JOG, I looked porky enough in the suite anyway.
I did get my feet on the board a couple of times but I'm glad that I walked better than I surfed.
The day nearly ended badly when Aaron lost his wallet, fortunately there are some honest people about and he was able to collect it intact from St Ives police station.
Check out the surfer dudes in the pic
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

King of the road

That's what I feel like today after so many messages of congratulations.
The celebrations yesterday went on so late that it was actually dark when I went to bed, I've been that tired recently that I've got used to going around 8.30.
No beach today as its been foggy, so we opted for a walk around Falmouth - and, of course a pint of Skinners Heligan Honey.
Its going to take some time to get over yesterday's buzz.
Some of yesterday's pics which I forgot to include and one of my chin in the trimming process.
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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

So what happens now?

That's it, I'm an ex walker.
What a day, a lovely walk through Marazion, and along the coast path into Penzance. Beth and Aaron were with me and it was the most amazing section of the whole walk, who couldn't be impressed with close up views of St Michael's Mount. Only Beth could make her walking debut on such a section.
When we stopped for a cuppa Stu took over from Beth and we powered on toward LE, at least he and Aaron did - I was grimly hanging on at the rear.
Stu kept us going by declaring 'Snowy, I can see the pub from here' every time we saw a building.
Got to LE about 3 o,clock after a brief stop at the Last Inn for a couple of Skinners Betty Stoggs.
Met up with Sue from SOS then walked on my own down to the finish line were I was greeted by Helen, Katy, Beth, Aaron and Stu together with Sue and Jeannette from SOS.
I have to admit that I was just a little emotional, but not so much that I offered to buy any drinks. The weather was glorious and the Scillys clearly in view, picnic and champagne provided by Helen just finished off the most amazing experience for me. Its a day on the beach tomorrow and then who knows what.

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Monday, 5 July 2010

This could be the last time

It's finally arrived, one more day to go and I become an ex walker. Brilliant.
I know that I couldn't have got this far without the support that you've all provided. There's been many a time when I've felt like there's been a whole crew of people walking with me and that's kept me going when I've been at a low ebb.
Today was a bad day simply because I started so tired. I never felt that I got into any rhythm or pace and it was just a long hard plod for over 20 miles. Amazingly I was still in the pub just after 4 for my end of walk pint of Tribute, even collected 8 quid at the end of the day.
Tomorrow starts with Beth and Aaron ( obviously a glutton for punishment) joining me before Stu takes over from Beth for the end of the day. Half the walk will be along the seafront, right past St Michaels Mount, should get a good pic to post.
Tonights photo is one of the many Cornish disused tin mine engine houses
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Yes, its the big day tomorrow, but first I have to tell you what's been happening recently.
Yesterday was something of an enigma in that I really didn't feel like going, it was forecast to rain and I left without my trusty first aid kit. Nevertheless, I walked well and finished the 21 miles in under 8 hours.
I was reminded that pride cometh before a fall when I walked past a large party of scouts who were strolling along the other pavement, as I caught them and started to pass I could here the comments about the remarkable old man walking from JOG to LE. Full of pride I puffed out my chest and increased my pace, they were soon left trailing and when they were out of sight I just had to stop to get my breath. A little later on I got to St Austell and tripped over a pavement, ending up sprawled on the floor. I suppose I had it coming.
I got my first view of the sea since Scotland just after leaving Lanlivery.
The predicted rain arrived and I ended the day soaked, despite a mercy dash by Stu at halfway with dry gear.
My feet are much improved although I did develop a new blister which appeared in the early hours this morning.
Pics, a couple of interested bystanders, the pub that I didn't stop at, a different view of Truro
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Sunday, 4 July 2010

There are 3 steps to heaven

Yesterday was day 52 and really exciting for me. It started with my last B+B breakfast in Callington.
Also there were Gordon and Eilleen, who were both cycling from LE to Taunton as a 70th birthday present to each other, amazing!
They also made a healthy donation to my charities.
Later in the day I met up with Helen, Stuart, Beth and Zack for lunch and then I was able to off load most of the contents of my bag before setting off for the remaining 13 miles accompanied by Stu.
It was a long, hard afternoon resulting in yet another blister but having company certainly made it easier.
At the end of the walk we collected the car from the Crown and drove down to Helston to join the rest of the family. Shugborough bitter was fine but the earlier Doombar wasn't up to scratch.
While walking we spotted this scooter for sale, tied to a lamp post at a busy road junction, couldn't resist the opportunity of a pic.
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Friday, 2 July 2010

This is it

Gunnislake, CORNWALL. Friday 2nd July at 1.10.

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Manfred Mann I seem to remember.
Yes folks I now have 5 days to go, 95 miles.
Awake early with excitement so posting while I've got a signal.
Yesterday I walked across the high moor in very strong head winds, it felt like I walked half as much again but I managed to check into the Prince of Wales hotel just as the torrential rain was starting.
What a bonus that was as it lashed down most of the night.
The other bonus was this pub is the home of Dartmoor brewery, so Jail Ale was again on the evening menu.
The landlord and his family come from the Wirral, Little Neston. A pub full of scousers next to the prison - make your own jokes up.
Got quite a surprise yesterday when an Adder slithered out of the grass right in front of me, a first sighting for me.
Pics across the moors and Dartmoor prison.
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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Take walk on the wild side

I'm heading toward Dartmoor and the forecast is for wild and windy and wet weather. Suppose it makes a change from heat.
Loving all the comments, keep them coming.
Come on Zack, act your age. You'll find that drinking namby pamby milk won't help the pain, try a couple of pints of real ale instead.
Dunsford was lovely, a good quiet resting place where I walked no more than 100 yards the whole time I was there, also managed to have some of Dartmoor brewery Jail Ale, excellent.
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