Saturday, 11 June 2011

A lot can happen in a year

It was 12 months ago to this date that I walked into Burton on Trent with Clive and then got the train home to Redditch to see the lovely Helen for the first time in ages. I was reminded of this earelier today when Jane phoned me to say that she'd been reading the blog and wondered what I was doing in Duffield yesterday. Nice one Jane, you were only a year out.
My spending on the new business has been going well, currently about £8000 with no income to show for it but by the end of next week I will have been trained properly and the van will be fully fitted out so that I can start earning something. I've already got a few jobs lined up and when the printing is done and the van is painted I can really start to advertise. it's really quite exciting.
 I am doing the training in Folkestone and I notice that there is a Wetherspoons only 10 minutes walk from my B&B, so after my day's work, and a run (well, you never know) I know where I will be.
I'm also making progress with the ensuite shower room and should be able to get the shower tray in by next weekend, all that needs then is tiling and the shower fitted. My target of finish by christmas should be manageable.
I've been golfing again today, playing pretty well but I'm sure that the ball that I was using was afraid of the dark, it just wouldn't fall down the hole.
We've got our first holiday dog coming on Tuesday, a young Parsons Terrier. That'll keep me on my toes. 

Thursday, 2 June 2011

It's like waiting for a bus.You wait for ages and two come along at once

Just got in from what started as a run but finished as a hobble. After about 10 minutes my left calf seemed to explode and I ended up limping home slowly. I really don't know if I can do this, think I've bitten off more than I can chew this time.

It's official, I'm a rubbish blogger

I am embarrassing myself by not posting more regularly, it's not as if there is nothing going on in my life at the moment; probably the opposite, there's so much happening that I don't make time to write this.
I went out running last Monday, about 10 days ago, determined to make an effort to make it regularly but I haven't been out since. It's not as if I fared badly, I completed my 3.3k lap in 21 minutes and didn't  feel stiff or sore afterwards, it's just that other issues have taken over in the last week or so.
It also rained a lot and I find I am a fair weather runner.
The big news is that I am starting a small business after searching in vain (but not in earnest) for work since I got back from last year's JOGLE walk. It's to be called Domestic Oven Valet and I will become an oven cleaner for a living.
Now you may be wondering how I came up with this concept and I have to say that it's not something that I feel I was always destined to do. Basically I saw an advert for a franchise and applied, when I investigated further I found that I didn't want to pay the franchise company what they were asking but I did think that there is a market for the service, from there it's just snowballed and I've bougt a white van and will shortly be going to Folkestone for training. Just goes to show that you never know what's round the corner.
On Tuesday just gone Helen and I went up to see her dad Reg and on the way called in to our Pete's where our cousin Sandy and her husband Chris had just arrived from New Zealand. Sandy was one of my first followers on this blog and it was really great to catch up with her after so many years. If all goes well they will be stopping with us in a few weeks. I was impressed with Chris's view on beer - he told me that he was going to try everything ontil he found one he didn't like, he hadn't got there yet.
Yesterday it was gardening for Reg and, after I had mowed his lawn I decided to trim the hedge between the houses while Helen took him out. Unfortunately I was somewhat gung ho and next doors sky tv cable took a bit of a battering, resulting in a severed cable - its going to cost me. When Helen got back she was rightly critical of me and insisted that she took over. She, of course, promptly cut through the cable to the hedge trimmer - it did cost me.
Russell, if you're still following this I've just found that your reply about meeting up on the 19th went into the spam box, can't work out why, but I would love to get together. Can you call me on 07980289365 and we'll sort it out.
It's a lovely day out there now, perhaps I should go for a run.