Thursday, 21 April 2011

Another day, another run

I've just got back from my latest tour round my 2.5k route, 16 minutes without stopping and no leg problems to worry about. I went out at 9.30 to avoid the hot weather later on but it was still pretty warm and I was dripping when I  got home. It seems that all the towns dog walkers had the same idea and I was dodging errant dogs all around the route, at one point having to detour slightly to avoid a mass brawl.
I'll be out later on census work, this is getting easier as I get used to it but it still entails about 5 hours on my feet, walking up and down hills and steps. I think that last year's walk was just training for this month's work. The area is multicultural and I'm having fun trying to explain what it's about in a variety of languages. My knowledge of Urdu and Polish are non existant but being British I find that shouting and using  hand gestures are effective.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It's just another day in the life of a census collector.

Since I last posted I've been really busy with my census work, most dys spending all afternoon and evening pounding the mean streets of Redditch - knocking on doors and generally harrassing people into filling their forms in. I got my allotted hours in by Friday afternoon and was able to spend the weekend with Stu, Beth and Zack. The weather was good but the barbeque that we intended to build didnt get done, instead we made some extremely large raised flower boxes. It was a nice change for me and I felt much relaxed by the time I got home.
I had another busy day on the streets yesterday and then this morning I felt fit enough to go running. It was hot but I only took 15 minutes to run round my 2.5k route (without stopping again!). I didn't feel too bad either when I finished.
I've now done the route 5 times and I reckon that next week I should be able to stretch it a little further. I was put in my place on Sunday when Stu said he'd be going later for a 9 mile run, it's going to take me some time before I get to that stage.
After the run today I went over to Stratford for some training on the elections which take place in a couple of weeks and then went out to knock on doors for the census, typical of me to have no job for over a year and then get two on the same day.  I wiull be pleased when May comes and I can return to my retirement bliss.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

It's been a while

It's a week since I found the time and energy to post another blog item, but I haven't been idle in that time - although I've been just too tired to go out running.
My new job as a census collector is taking up far more time and energy than I had anticipated, I'm on my feet from 2.00 until 8.00 and there is a fair bit of admin on top. It's just wearing me out but I suppose that it is giving me time to fully recover from the hamstring.
I'm hoping that as I settle in to this strange world of work I will improve my fitness and stamina and feel like running again.
I did get two mornings on the golf course but I should have been working as it's left me struggling to complete my hours for this week, I will have to give w/end golf a miss until the job is over. That's a shame as I finally posted a good score on Sunday, managing to play very well on the parts that I normally fail on.
We had Aaron round to finish off our electric job at home and he'd also been employed locally for a couple of other jobs so, with my golf and his working I didn't get to see him as much as I would have liked.
The work on the shower room has pretty well ground to a halt as it doesn't seem too much of a priority at the moment.
I hope to have more positive running news next time.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm on the road again

I've found the last few days to be worrying, wondering when or if my leg was going to improve enough to try another jog. I'm going to be tied up over the next month with my census duties and I've been keen to get out and test the hamstring but wary of doing so.
So this morning I had another go, I could still feel a little ache but figured that that might be normal after a problem. I waited for the kids to go to school, partly because I didn't want their ridicule and partly because I didn't want to scare them and then I did a long stretching session before setting out at a very gentle pace.
It was more in hope than expectation and sure enough, after about five minutes the hamstring started to hurt. Sod it, I thought, I'm going to carry on and I slowed my pace - now barely more than walking but at least with a running action. I managed to carry on like this for the whole of the 2.5k and returned a very happy boy indeed.
It's the first time that I've managed the whole of this circuit without stopping and I did it in 16 minutes. I warmed down and then had a long soak in the bath, if there are no adverse reactions overnight I will try again tomorrow.
This afternoon I start out on my census form collections, I have to do 14 hours over the next two days and I am quite nervous about it really. I've not had a job for 18 months and, although this is only temporary I want to do it properly but it's going to be hard to fit it in to my busy retirement schedule.
Wew've got Aaron coming to stop the weekend, he's got some work locally to do and will finish off the work he started for us earlier this year, if you want a good electrician he's your man.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Every cloud

Golf yesterday was pretty much the same as the day before, most of it good but with some absolute rubbish in the middle. Still I'm out in the fresh air when I'm playing and there's always the Hobgoblin ale at the end.
Today started with something of a disaster when I showered and water dripped through the ceiling into the dining room. Investigation showed that the seal around the bath had stopped working so it was off to the DIY shop this afternoon for replacements, not before we went for our now regular Monday walk around the lake, just the two miles today.
On the way to the shop we called to visit one of our old neighbours who has moved into a town centre flat, it's a little distressing to see how disabled he's become after knowing him for so long when he was fit and healthy. We then made one of my regular trips to the tip with some debris from the weekend's gardening, whilst crouching to pick some of it up my hamstring twanged again. I'd almost forgotten about it as it hadn't given me any problems yesterday or for the first part of today, it looks like I'll have to wait another few days before I start jogging again.
I got a call from my doggy employer and have our first dog guest booked in for the end of September, typically it will coincide with the Windsor run so I will have to sort the logistics out, maybe I can take her down with us.
Also had a call from Alan, my brother, he's invited me on a golf trip to Northumberland in August, can't wait for it.
Tomorrow morning should see our plumber Phil arrive to start work on the en suite, I just want him to do the basic preparatory plumbing at the moment and then I can get on with sorting the rest out.
I didn't know there was so much to this retirement lark.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

At least the curry was good

We went to the Spice Cafe and as usual we were greeted like long lost friends, we only go in about 3 times a year but Imran the attentive waiter always remembers Helena's name and she milks it for all its worth. We did use the car and were back home pretty early. Friday was a day of little happening, I got a lift up town to the bank and then regretted walking home as my leg was fairly sore but after lunch i did a little more DIY on the en suite that I'm constructing. It was then feet up for the rest of the day, hoping that my leg improved for golf today.
As it happens I managed to play the whole round without noticing the hamstring, hopefully a good sign for next week. My golf is as frustrating as ever, my handicap has gone up to 15 as I play a few good holes and then two really bad ones - ruining my score and leaving me wondering what might have been. I'm playing again tomorrow morning but it's a lazy one as I've agreed to share a buggy with a friend to svae us both the walk.
I even managed a little time in the garden cleaning the pond after the harsh winter. Sad to say that the fish numbers have been severly decimated by the frozen conditions, there are now only 7 left and I will buy some more in the next few weeks to make it seem a bit busier in there.
I start with the census on Wednesday so will have to get out and run in the mornings as the job is only afternoons and evenings.