Thursday, 7 April 2011

I'm on the road again

I've found the last few days to be worrying, wondering when or if my leg was going to improve enough to try another jog. I'm going to be tied up over the next month with my census duties and I've been keen to get out and test the hamstring but wary of doing so.
So this morning I had another go, I could still feel a little ache but figured that that might be normal after a problem. I waited for the kids to go to school, partly because I didn't want their ridicule and partly because I didn't want to scare them and then I did a long stretching session before setting out at a very gentle pace.
It was more in hope than expectation and sure enough, after about five minutes the hamstring started to hurt. Sod it, I thought, I'm going to carry on and I slowed my pace - now barely more than walking but at least with a running action. I managed to carry on like this for the whole of the 2.5k and returned a very happy boy indeed.
It's the first time that I've managed the whole of this circuit without stopping and I did it in 16 minutes. I warmed down and then had a long soak in the bath, if there are no adverse reactions overnight I will try again tomorrow.
This afternoon I start out on my census form collections, I have to do 14 hours over the next two days and I am quite nervous about it really. I've not had a job for 18 months and, although this is only temporary I want to do it properly but it's going to be hard to fit it in to my busy retirement schedule.
Wew've got Aaron coming to stop the weekend, he's got some work locally to do and will finish off the work he started for us earlier this year, if you want a good electrician he's your man.

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