Thursday, 10 December 2009

On the road again

Its been a good week so far, firstly with Everton scraping a draw against Spurs and then with Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings all being good enough weather for a walk. The first two being about two hours and today for three hours. Added to two rounds of golf on last w/end and I'm starting to think I'm making progress with the stamina.
Obviously I'm nowhere near ready yet for the Jogle trek, not even up to half distance and not yet carrying any pack, but I've got to start somewhere.
I'm also heavily into planning, looking for a backpack (waterproof and not too large) and I've now put up the UK map in my office, and pinned the probable stops on it.
Seeing it like this makes me wonder whether Ive got the right route through Scotland, I'm planning to go east of the Cairngorms and down to Dundee.
I wonder if its better to stick to the A9 to Perth which could save days, but I'm worried about the availability of stopping places.
No doubt I will have to make a decision but theres still time yet.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Not training

Havent done anything since my last entry, firstly mt foot was just too sore and then the dreaded decorating, both at home and for my Mum in Norfolk, got in the way.
I have been checking on the journey to JOG and it looks like I can fly to Wick. It will be on a Sunday so no buses. Taxi it looks like.
Hoping the weather is Ok next week so I can get some serious walking in in between the 4 pre christmas lunches that I am going to.
Toffees started my week off badly losing to Liverpool, I get some stick from the red half of the family - should be getting used to it by now.