Monday, 16 May 2011

Its been a long time again

I haven't run since 21st April, about 3 and a half weeks - mainly because I've been busy tying up the loose ends of my census job and then spending last week catching up on the DIY at home. I did intend to go out a couple of times last week but its amazing how many excuses I can find when the crunch comes. Having not worked for 18 months I just didnt realise how much I was taking out of myself with a full time job. Anyway I decided that there can be no more excuses and I just have to get on with it so off I went this morning, on a slightly extended route - its now 3.3k and I managed the first 3.2k without stopping; I just couldnt do the whole of it. I am due at the docs this evening for more treatment on the dreaded verruca on my left foot which I thought had cleared up. I had it all of last year and it went from JOG to LE with me but I've had enough and want rid of it now. My foot will probably be too sore to run tomorrow but hopefully I will be able to get on with it later in the week.
We had Stu, Beth and Zack stopping over the weekend, the baby is a real joy and is now into everything, he's definitely got my genes as he seems capable of falling over at the most inappropriate times. We also had another dog owner come to check us out, she brought her 11 month old Parsons Terrier and we'll be looking after it for 10 nights in June - we are in for a lively time.