Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What's another year

My birthday went by on Sunday with lots of cards and presents and then a trip to see Aaron and Katy. Stuart, Beth and Zack couldn't make it.
We met at the Air Balloon pub in Birdlip, about 45 mins drive for each of us. Some of these place names are great, I went through loads of strange sounding villages on my walk, you really know when you're in the English shires.
Yesterday it was our 36th wedding anniversary, a quiet day as Helen has a cold and has lost her voice. How careless is that?
The weather has been atrociously wet, I've only been able to get outdoors to mow the lawns and play some golf. Let's hope it improves when we go to Jersey.
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Friday, 20 August 2010

As time goes by

Another week seems to have slipped by and this time I've lots to report.
Firstly, I didn't get an interview for the job I applied for, not to worry I'm sure something will turn up.
Then we had Clive and Jane over for the weekend and had a really good gossip covering the 13 years since we last met up. My walk seems to have had the added bonus of renewing our old friendship, hope we can get over to Derby soon for a rematch at golf.
I've booked my golf break in Spain for March with 5 old friends from SDC (old being the operative word).
During the week I've built a small garden wall, its not a class job but it'll do. I certainly won't be getting a job as a bricklayer judging by this.
Last night we went to Peppers in Studley for our weekly curry. Its not our usual venue but we were celebrating my birthday on Sunday so thought we'd have a change.
Looking forward to Sandy and Chris's visit next year, if they're here mid August I will get us some tickets for the Hells Angels Bulldog Bash, I reckon that Chris will really enjoy the bikes.
The charity pot now stands over 3000 pounds.
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Friday, 13 August 2010

It's been a long time

Again I am apologising for not posting for such a long time, it's not as if nothing has been going on - it's just that life at home is nowhere near as exciting as life on the road. Last night Jenny told me off and today Wayne said that he was  fed up looking at a picture of a hedgehog.
As you can imagine I've played a fair bit of golf over the weeks , not well I have to admit but I do try.
We've booked a holiday in Jersey in early September, only 3 weeks to go now and we went to Stu and Beth's the other w/end. It's always great to see them and i can't believe how Zack grows in the short time between our visits. He's a really bonny lad now. Check his photo, he's clearly got Scouse genes.
While on the visit Stu and I assembled and fitted a new storage unit in the new extension, talk about Bodgit and Son. At least it gives me an excuse to go back and put it right.

Today I went to a leaving do for my old mate Mick McCracknel from SDC, lots of people there and I was given the charity collection funds from my walk - another £200 which brings me uo to £2900. Now I'm hoping to make £3k before it's all collected. Well done SDC staff.

If you're squeamish, look away now. This is the last of my blisters which lasted me from Radstock in Wiltshire to Princetown in Devon, about 100 miles.