Wednesday, 13 January 2010

John O' Groats, Highland KW1 4, UK to Helmsdale, Sutherland, UK - Google Maps

John O' Groats, Highland KW1 4, UK to Helmsdale, Sutherland, UK - Google Maps

Its been tough out training with all the snow, and its still falling today, but I've still managed a few outings at over 3 hours. I hope to build this to 5+ hours on succesive days before I start.
I've not been idle, however, and I reckon that I've picked my route. I intend to do it in sections of 3 to 5 days walking, interspersed with an extra nigt stop at selected places, mainly where I can get free accommodation.
This is the first section. I'll post the second part soon.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Christmas and all that

Having succesfully, and fairly easily, completed my longest walk of 11 miles just before Christmas I have been tied up with family affairs and bad weather, Trips to Merseyside, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Norfolk have prevented me from walking the roads and now we are deep in snow. I'll probably have to start my preps all over again after this break.
I have been looking at my proposed routes and althoufh I declared that I would only walk on roads I now think I want to use some of the National footpaths in Scotland.
The Great Glen Way from Inverness to Fort William looks useful and interesting and should save some time as well. From there I think I'll walk the West Highland Way, before cutting back East towards Peebles. On rout from there I should be able to join up on the Southern Uplands Way for a few miles.
I'm starting to get lots of offers to put me up overnight and for walking compnions for differen days, its all starting to come together.
I've invetsed in a good road map which has become bedside reading and there are now only a few legs - mainly north of Scotland where I will have to walk for any distance on main roads