Tuesday, 19 October 2010

As time goes by

Yet again I've failed to keep up with the blog but I suppose that my excuse is that I've been pretty busy for a retiree. Since my visit to the Wirral we've had Helen's birthday, I always let her down with naff presents unless she tells me in advance exactly what she wants. This year she asked for me to get a job as a present to her - needless to say she got flowers. Although I have appied for a temp job working on next year's census.
After the birthday I went to Corsham to help Aaron and Katy with some decorating, the house is coming on well and it's always a pleasure to help. Aaron is about to set up in business as an electrician, so if you need one let me know.
Last weekend we were in Norfolk for my sister Jan and brother in law Mike's 60th birthday. It was a ceileidh in their local village hall, unfortunately I wasn't allowed to play the sore walking feet card and was made to dance. It was a great weekend, lovely to meet up with my Mum and all my siblings and their offspring, and their offspring.
Good to see that the Haresnapes drank the place dry of Old Speckled Hen. Everyone was really interested in the JOGLE and I suppose I was the party bore. I did get some interest in my proposed return to the WHW.
The w/end got better when the mighty Everton put Liverpool to the sword and left them languishing in fear of relegation, then Mr Rooney decides to leave Man Utd and upsets the Mancs. Can life get any better I ask myself?
Todays pics are a view of my decorating handiwork and one of 4 generations of Snappers, Great Gran (Pat), Grandad (me), Dad (Stu) and baby Zack

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rain drops keep falling

Sitting at Reg's looking out at the rain which is doing it's best to spoil an otherwise good weekend.
We drove up on Friday in very wet conditions so I could play in the annual Old Instonians golf competition at Caldy Golf Club.
Despite the rain stopping and sun coming out there weren't many of us. It was really good to meet up again with ol school mates and team mates from the rugby field. It was my first time at Caldy and I really enjoyed the views over the Dee estuary to Wales. Even better, after 4 hours I emerge as the winner.
After a quick change we were joined by more old boys for the annual dinner. Great to see John Tuohy, Pat Whearty and Len Davies. Also met up again with Joe and Richie from my walk.
The headache on Saturday was a small price to pay. Helen and I went into Chester in the afternoon for a stroll around its ancient splendour.
The day got better when Everton won, for a short while they are now above Liverpool - brilliant. All I need now is for Europe to beat USA in the Ryder Cup.
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