Friday, 20 August 2010

As time goes by

Another week seems to have slipped by and this time I've lots to report.
Firstly, I didn't get an interview for the job I applied for, not to worry I'm sure something will turn up.
Then we had Clive and Jane over for the weekend and had a really good gossip covering the 13 years since we last met up. My walk seems to have had the added bonus of renewing our old friendship, hope we can get over to Derby soon for a rematch at golf.
I've booked my golf break in Spain for March with 5 old friends from SDC (old being the operative word).
During the week I've built a small garden wall, its not a class job but it'll do. I certainly won't be getting a job as a bricklayer judging by this.
Last night we went to Peppers in Studley for our weekly curry. Its not our usual venue but we were celebrating my birthday on Sunday so thought we'd have a change.
Looking forward to Sandy and Chris's visit next year, if they're here mid August I will get us some tickets for the Hells Angels Bulldog Bash, I reckon that Chris will really enjoy the bikes.
The charity pot now stands over 3000 pounds.
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  1. Well done you. Unfortunately we will be back in NZ by August...World Cup and everything you know. May and June I think will be when we are there.