Saturday, 2 April 2011

At least the curry was good

We went to the Spice Cafe and as usual we were greeted like long lost friends, we only go in about 3 times a year but Imran the attentive waiter always remembers Helena's name and she milks it for all its worth. We did use the car and were back home pretty early. Friday was a day of little happening, I got a lift up town to the bank and then regretted walking home as my leg was fairly sore but after lunch i did a little more DIY on the en suite that I'm constructing. It was then feet up for the rest of the day, hoping that my leg improved for golf today.
As it happens I managed to play the whole round without noticing the hamstring, hopefully a good sign for next week. My golf is as frustrating as ever, my handicap has gone up to 15 as I play a few good holes and then two really bad ones - ruining my score and leaving me wondering what might have been. I'm playing again tomorrow morning but it's a lazy one as I've agreed to share a buggy with a friend to svae us both the walk.
I even managed a little time in the garden cleaning the pond after the harsh winter. Sad to say that the fish numbers have been severly decimated by the frozen conditions, there are now only 7 left and I will buy some more in the next few weeks to make it seem a bit busier in there.
I start with the census on Wednesday so will have to get out and run in the mornings as the job is only afternoons and evenings.

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