Thursday, 31 March 2011

Problems , problems, problems

It's very strange but even though I chose to do this half marathon it still feels like I'm being punished and I can't tell you how many times I found an excuse not to go out for a run this morning. Everything from the wet weather to my bad leg and the need to play chess on the computer, but eventually I plucked up courage and got changed. I did loads of stretches and then went for it. I was worried about my hamstring but it didn't give any twinges when I stretched so I started fairly tentatively, hoping that I could at last make some progress further round my route before stopping. I was feeling pretty good as I neared my normal stopping point and had no doubt that I could go a lot further today when I noticed that my lace had come undone. I stopped and crouched to tie it up and then my hamstring went again. It's a setback but I suppose I'll just have to give myself some time for it to heal and not worry about having to start all over again. It'd better not interfere with my golf!
I walked the rest of the way, with a few half hearted attempts to jog thrown in for good measure.
Last night I had a visit from Beccy at 'Animals at home' and I am now signed on to be a host holiday minder for dogs. The lucky dog gets to stay with us while their owners go away on holiday. I should get a pooch for the odd week in the summer and I hope that it'll provide a little light relief as well as a little pocket money. That's three jobs I've got now.
It's curry night tonight, I was thinking of walking there (it's only 20 minutes up the hill) but given my sore leg it might be more sensible to drive, provided that Helen doesn't mind driving home , of course.


  1. well I had all of those excuses and didn't go out so well done. you've now forced my hand and tomorrow morning I will be pounding the streets whatever the weather*

    great to hear about the dog job. let me know if you want to look after another!

    give yourself 3 days rest with stretching and then get out again

    *providing it's sunny

  2. and when would you like to mind delightful dexter then??????