Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Good things come to those who wait

It's been a long time now since I last posted, life has moved on and everyone is getting older. Young Zack has had his first birthday and is now walking, who knows but he may one day go for a long walk with grandad snapper.
I've been away on a golf trip to Spain, unfortunately the weather wasn't too good but I enjoyed it just the same, even winning the trophy.
I have been appointed to work on the census, starting shortly, and to add insult to injury I've also been offered a post for the day of the next election. It's funny to think that I was in Scotland, Tain I think, when the last election was held. From the position of no work I will have two jobs at once for a short period, still it'll pay my golf fees for next year.
I've actually started doing a bit of walking on Mondays with Helen and the local 'old folks walking group'. It's only about 3 miles a time but it is some exercise.
The reason that I've decided to start the blog again is that I've made the major decision to run in the Windsor half marathon in September (I'll be 59 by then) and I thought that I'd record the trials and tribulations that I go through as I prepare for this and then, hopefully, complete it. I can't remember the last time I ran anywhere - probably to get into the pub before closing time.
Stu has also entered, he's done a couple of them already and it will be nice to have an experienced companion at the start of the run although I don't expect that he will wait for me as it progresses.
I have been and bought some running shoes, I didn't even own any trainers, which have been designed for people with flat feet like me. I was advised to walk them in before running in them and I wore them on Monday for the short walk, now I've got a small blister on my heel. I'm not going to let that put me off though - I know that after last year's experience I can cope with a few blisters.
Today, after cleaning the conservatory roof (on the inside - I don't like climbing ladders!) I went out on my bike for 40 minutes. I'm still wobbly on it and I still don't understand the gears but I didn't fall off and I hope that this will help me prepare for the run.
Stu has a friend who is a professional running coach and will prepare a training regime for me. Already I've been advised to see a podiatrist which is a bit worrying as I'm sure I keep hearing about the police arresting these people and closing their internet groups.
Tomorrow I want to get out and run as far as I can before I need to stop, it'll probably only be to the first lamppost but everyone has to start somewhere.
In the time that I've missed writing this blog I've been writing a journal about last year's walk, I've asked a few people for some input and I'm still waiting for some of it. So here's a plea to anyone who reads this, if you were involved in any way with my JOGLE; either as a walker, one of my many hosts' a blog follower or contributor, or if what I did inspired you to do something out of the ordinary yourself please send me some words and I'll get them included in the book.


  1. nice to see you back uncle steve, the robinsons will be stalking you again!!!!

  2. Well I did offer to do some walking with you when we come over, but I am afraid I have to draw the line at running. My body has never been made to run...totally built for comfort rather than speed. So once again, I will cheer from the sidelines! Well done you:)

  3. Interesting to hear your doing a journal of last years walk. I'm just completing my own notes from the memories of my walk last year, its amazing how much you remeber, must have been enjoyable, in amoungst tall the pain.
    I'm using mine for private consumption, for years in the future to run alongside my pics, you publishing yours book/net?

  4. Hi Russ, still havent had that curry yet. I'm hoping to publish mine somehow, but probably cant afford to do it officially and will just do it on the cheap. Steve