Wednesday, 13 April 2011

It's been a while

It's a week since I found the time and energy to post another blog item, but I haven't been idle in that time - although I've been just too tired to go out running.
My new job as a census collector is taking up far more time and energy than I had anticipated, I'm on my feet from 2.00 until 8.00 and there is a fair bit of admin on top. It's just wearing me out but I suppose that it is giving me time to fully recover from the hamstring.
I'm hoping that as I settle in to this strange world of work I will improve my fitness and stamina and feel like running again.
I did get two mornings on the golf course but I should have been working as it's left me struggling to complete my hours for this week, I will have to give w/end golf a miss until the job is over. That's a shame as I finally posted a good score on Sunday, managing to play very well on the parts that I normally fail on.
We had Aaron round to finish off our electric job at home and he'd also been employed locally for a couple of other jobs so, with my golf and his working I didn't get to see him as much as I would have liked.
The work on the shower room has pretty well ground to a halt as it doesn't seem too much of a priority at the moment.
I hope to have more positive running news next time.

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  1. Sympathy from the Cambridgeshire Haresnapes! Sorry census work is taking more time than anticipated, but at least it's only temporary. Hope the money's worth it! Looking forward to seing you at Karen's party. Viv