Sunday, 5 September 2010

We're all goin on a summer holiday

Sorry Viv, decided not to update my profile after my birthday - I reckon 57 is as old as I want to get.
Just boarded the Jersey ferry for the start of our holiday. Its raining of course.
I am lucky though as I originally intended to start JOGLE to arrive in Cornwall this week. If I had done that I ould have had to walk well over half the distance in the rain.
Travelling today has made me laugh. I've just spent 10 weeks with only 3 shirts and 5 sets of socks and undies. I've brought 15 of each for this week.
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  1. Greetings once again fom North of the Border!! Hope yuo're enjoying your holiday and Helen is feeling a lot better - the sea air will work wonders!!
    We've a clan gathering (Hughes)in Tudweiliog this weekend. Mum is hte only one that doesn't know - she thinks she's off to stay in a caravan with Chris & Martin for the weekend (imagine!!!) It's to celebrate what would have been Dad's 80th so where better to celebrate it than his favourite place. Really looking forward to catching up with everyone. Keep well and enjoy the holiday!Dave H